Uderolal Mandir near Thatta City

There is a temple dedicated to Uderolal located in a secluded place, some 8 km away from main city. According to locals, it was built by the Sonara community of Hindus and was used for the worship of river deity Uderolal. The mandir is a single domed structure made of thin, baked bricks plastered with buff sandstone blocks. From outside, it looks like other old temples such as the one in Udero Lal.  From the surrounding area, it looks like there used to be an entire complex including various buildings. There is a pond right in front of the temple having a short flight of stairs leading to the water that was used for offering behrano sahib during Cheti Chand celebrations, which is the birthday of Uderolal.


The entrance is a narrow passage topped by an arch that is in shape of ornamented trellis. There is a slab on the entrance of temple in Khudabadi (Brahmi based writing used by Khudabadi Amils ) script but it is illegible now, there is another  inscription in Gurmukhi script at the stairs leading to the pond. In the days before partition, the Cheti Chand would be celebrated there and Hindus from the surrounding areas would come and take part in the celebrations. When most of the Hindus left in the aftermath of partition in 1947, this temple was also deserted, and the main worship of Udero Lal was transferred in Baba Shri Chand darbar located in Fqair jo Goth near Thatta.


Nowadays, the temple is not functional and is in disrepair state. The roof has caved in, all the surrounding buildings have gone, only the pond and main sanctuary are intact. Some Hindus have placed posters of other Hindu deities inside it along with a lamp (diyo) and a few people come for worship. According to a local person, some Hindus still visit it during Cheti Chand times, when they silently worship Uderolal and then leave.



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