Uderolal Temple in Ghulamullah Village, Thatta

Ghulamullah is a very small and sleepy town some 15 km away from Thatta city. There is a pre-partition temple dedicated to Uderolal in this village. Before partition, there were some Hindus living there and they built the temple in order to honor the deity. However, during the upheavals of partition, it was deserted and remained closed for many years, to be reopened in 1980’s. The temple is located in a rundown lane, amid shops and a nearby muhalla of schedule caste Hindus.

There is an icon of Julay Lal in the center of the room surrounded by photos and posters of other Hindu deities and of Guru Nanak.  Now, it is a single room structure that is looked after by an old man with the help of Hindu families still living in the area. Daily pooja and arti is also being conducted and Cheti Chand festival is celebrated there on a smaller scale attended by Hindus of the adjoining areas.


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