Uderolal Mandir at Tando Adam

Tando Adam is a small town that is 64 km away from Hyderabad. Before partition, Tando Adam had a large number of trading class Hindus, who built beautiful homes, dharmasalas and temples. Among others, there was also a Jhulelal or Uderolal temple that is still standing inside an old locality of the city. This temple is dedicated to the river deity Uderolal; it is a gilded domed building with a prayer hall and room containing different sections for Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Granth sahib and large posters of Uderolal. In the center of the temple, there is a glass canopy housing an image of Uderolal and there are two smaller icons in the other two corners.



A member of Lohana community who is current guardian of the temple tells that ‘during partition riots most of the Hindus left the city and the temple was deserted. However there was a pious man who used to look after it, open it for pooja and used to live in the premises, however later on he was also killed in communal riots. Thereafter, the temple was closed’.  It was reopened again in 1980’s whereby Hindus once again started coming here and the number of worshippers started increasing day by day. Now this temple not only serves the religious purpose, but they also have a Jhulaylal Welfare Trust and a free clinic for poor people. A large mela is organized at Cheti Chand (in April) and another at Asu (in October), the Hindu of locality and of nearby areas enthusiastically participate in it.


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