Lal Saen’s Mandir at Mirpurkhas


Opposite the session court building of Mirpurkhas city situated on Hyderabad road, there is a temple complex managed by Hindu Panchayat of Mirpurkhas. At the other end of it ,there is a temple called Lal Saen’s mandir, it is dedicated to Sindhi Hindu patron deity Uderolal and is the main temple used by Hindus living in and around Mirpurkhas, Sindh. The temple houses various rooms dedicated to Hindu deities, Granth Sahib, Guru Nanak and a room for Uderolal that is adorned with full size images and posters of Uderolal, a jhula (swing)  and a lamp (jyot). The temple is said to have been built before partition and is now totally renovated. There is a huge festival, mela at Cheti Chand where a large number of Hindus join in. It culminates into carrying the Behrano sahib in a large procession to the main temple at Uderolal town where it is offered to Balanbho sahib (sacred well).



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