Uderolal Mandir at Nasarpur

According to the tradition, Uderolal was born in Nasarpur city in 1007 Vikram Samvat (950 AD), and therefore this city is very important to the followers of Daryapanth, the second important site is Uderolal town near Hyderabad. There is a temple complex dedicated to Uderolal supposedly built on the place where he was born along with Balanbho sahib (the sacred well) in an old locality of Nasarpur city. The temple is presently occupied by a Punjabi family and is now reduced to a single room. There are plaques affixed on walls that show that it was built before partition. There are also inscriptions written in three alphabets: Arabic-Sindhi, Khudabadi, and Gurmukhi.


The temple is a huge building having a large dome on a square base. There is a short flight to stairs that lead to a verandah which eventually leads to the inner sanctum. There is a script inscribed on marble right in front of the entrance but it is partially obscured by new plaster. The entrance is arched and has a painting showing Uderolal as a mounted warrior accompanied by two other men one on front and one at the back.

The interior is very spacious and airy. The dome is drum is placed   on an octagonal base and was ornately decorated with floral motifs.  There are perforated openings in the ceiling and the walls have blind arches on all four sides. There is a marble asthan for murti and a large platform in the middle that is now lying empty.


A little farther from the temple, there was a building housing balanbho sahib, it is also now partially destroyed and the well is no longer seen there. On a plaque it is mentioned that it was built by one Bhai Hashmatrai in the memory of his father Chelaram Gianchandani.

From the remains, it is evident that this site was the center of Cheti Chand mela and related celebrations in pre-partition days. However, now this temple is not functional although many Hindus from Sindh and even from India come and visit it for a short time.



2 thoughts on “Uderolal Mandir at Nasarpur

    1. Tradition goes that Uderolal Sindhi Hindu god had remained against forcibly conversion nd marriages ones he took naked sword in his hand and mounted on.a horse and dived deep in Indus river’s branch at Nasarpur nd came out from river at Rohri near Sukkur on the same horse back.with naked sword in his hand.And he is always mounted on.a swift horse with naked sword for protection of humanity.


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