Jhulaylal Mandir at Mol Sharif


Mol Sharif is a small town about 50 km away from Karachi. It is in a mountainous region located in the heart of Kohistan area of Sindh. It has a Jhulaylal mandir enclosed by a large residential building complex. This temple was built by the initiatives of Mata Paiwand Bai, a spiritual lady who was the devotee of Jhulaylal. The people who were interviewed there told that, Jhulaylal appeared in Paiwand Bai’s dream and ordered her to build a temple there. She started on her own but gradually people also helped her by donations and  thus the  construction got completed . After Paiwand Bai’s death, one of her devotees Tilli Bai took over as the new Mata. She also had a huge following and people from far off areas used to come to her for blessings. The present Mata is a young woman named Deepa Bai and is also followed by the Hindus of surrounding areas. In addition, a large number of Laasi Hindus (from Lasbela Baluchistan) come to the temple.


The present building is a huge, newly constructed complex including a room having a well, where behrano is performed, a hall containing samadhis of late Matas, Mata’s residential quarters, kitchens, dining space and a cow shed.


The Cheti Chand melo and Mata’s anniversary are the two main events that are celebrated on a large scale in the temple. During Cheti Chand, satsang, behrano and bhandaro are held. During the melo , a bazaar is also set up in the grounds from where people can buy many relics related to Jhulaylal and other things  . In the evening, a pooja is held in which Mata takes part and lights a jyot, lamp. It is followed by satsang , a devotional singing program in which Jhulaylal panjras and bhajjans are sung and played on the recorder . Along with it, bhandaro is also served to people.

The Jhulaylal mandir in Mol Sharif is becoming increasingly important and a center of Cheti Chand activities. While people from lower Sindh region mostly go to Uderolal town, those of Kohistan , Karachi and  Baluchistan visit the Mol Sharif mandir .Thus this temple hosts hundreds of people who come to pay homage to Jhulaylal and Matas , his devotees .



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